Hello Great Big World! A new blog built with love.

Introducing my new blog!  Well… really, my first and only blog.

The blog is called “onefromthemany“.

It is inspired from two things.


My family is big – REALLY big.  My friends are many – REALLY many.  My love for them runs deep – REALLY DEEP.

Family.  Friends.  They are the “many”.  I am “one from the many”.

Without them, there is no me – this one big girl.  Without them, there is no Great Big Wonderful World.  This is dedicated to them.

Two. UnumBabeShield

It is a historic nod to the motto of our great country “E Pluribus Unum” – which means – “From Many, One”.  It is meant to describe the strength in the union of many and for Ben Franklin and his fellow Statesman in 1776, it was meant to inspire strength and cohesiveness modeled after early European mottos – we are not one country, one organization, one organism – without the strength of many coming together.  The banner is carried by the great American bald eagle on our US currency, but it’s more than the dolla, dolla bill, y’all – it’s about a vision for a world united by the strength of each of its individual parts.  Us.

What to expect from this blog:  It is dedicated to putting down on “paper” memories, dreams, inspirations, and good stuff that we all need more of.  You may see some family stories, some shared adventures, some mouth watering shared recipes, some equally mouth watering beer/wine/spirit experiences (I just couldn’t not include those), some embarrassing and funny stories about friends, and some uplifting photos or links.

[Note: Names of said family and friends may be changed to protect… well… me from them.]

What not to expect: It will not bitch, moan, or otherwise provide unhappiness.

Why now?

It was created, rather unexpectedly, out of a sad event in my family’s life – the passing this week of my Uncle Paul Warfield Culwell.  He had a long struggle with cancer and is survived by his wife – my Aunt Pat Culwell.  Our hearts are with her. Uncle Paul and I actually went through cancer treatment at the same time in 2006 and I swear he wore bald much better than I did!

See, I come from a big family, as I mentioned.  My Uncle Paul was the eldest of 7 in the Culwell clan.  Son to Dr. William “Bill” Burk Culwell and Margaret Eugenia “Jean” Warfield Culwell.  My Gram – Jean – was the eldest of 10.  My Gram was my heart and soul.  My happy, safe place.  Neither she nor my Granddad are with us anymore.

Gram’s family was raised at Historic “Bite the Skinner” or “Heritage” Farm – one of the first brick federal style homes built in Howard County, MD.  The house was built in 1812, the year her great grandfather returned from fighting in the War of 1812.

Bite the Skinner

bite the skinner picture original The ancestors of her parents – Bernard and Josephine Warfield – are my aunts and uncles and cousins and they are MANY.  Hundreds of them.   I’m proud of them and most of all I’m proud that my husband Chris and I are in their lives.

This is just my generation of cousins and many were missing!  Lots y’all, lots of us!

my generation hashawa 2015 Back to my Uncle Paul – he was big brother to – in order of birth – Mark, John, Jane (my mom), Carol, Cathy, and Fran.

Here they are as the family grows.  SO cute!

paul mark johnboys w mom culwellsculwells w gram and granddad p m j jculwells minus baby franculwellsculwells hashawa My Mom, Uncle John, and Aunt Cathy have also passed on.  Other than me, the 4 of them have no children to keep their stories alive in our hearts.  My husband and I weren’t lucky enough to have kids of our own, so the buck may stop here.

This blog is designed to do that – to not stop the buck.  To keep their memories alive in our hearts and to create and share new ones.  If angels have computers or blogs reach heaven (and I think they do), they will see this.  Hi!

The Culwells aren’t exactly open books, so they may be collectively rolling their eyes.  Oh well.  A risk I run.

I hope I’m up for the challenge.  Most of all, I hope you read and enjoy this labor of love.  Please contribute!  Please share!  Please tell me if I get details wrong.  And please, please share and add more.  Guest bloggers are welcome!

I hope to also include stories and memories from my Dad’s family – the Stanleys – as well as from my married family – the Mitchells.  If they’re up for it, that is.  They are wonderful.  The more, the merrier.  The more the many, the stronger the one… right?

Big hugs and big kisses.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Hello Great Big World! A new blog built with love.

  1. I just read the August 7 posting and truly enjoyed the “look back.” As one of the many from our “big family”, I will continue to look forward to your blog postings. And my intentions will be to share and perhaps expand upon your memories of my Culwell relatives from the time what many now refer to as “the greatest generation.” RDW


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